14 thoughts on “Mac LCD Logo Tutorial

  1. I dont know what everyone else is thinking but I would rather cut out the entire monitor size and add a touch sensitive file. Yes the one I link is too big but once you calibrate it to the screen size all should be good. Then with some nifty coding when the screen is shut the outside monitor displays a yes/no box asking if the outside monitor is going to be used. Now you have a small sized tablet.


  2. Putting any constant pressure on an LCD panel will cause white spots to appear. Minor vibration over a long period of time will cause damage to the internal film sheets, which will show up as white spots. It’s a bad idea if you like your system…

  3. To me the price is far too high for a “fun” mod of this sort. I know its the novelty factor and all that but what do you think of the potential in using a digital photo frame to do something of that sort?

  4. I was thinking about opening up the LCD bezel in my wife’s macbook, finding the wire to the white glowing light, and just snipping it. I think the goal with hacking a portable computer should help extend battery life, not kill it faster.

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