Bioloid Hacking With Johnny Lee


Though we usually think of Wii projects when we see him, [Johnny Lee] is showing us some Bioloid fun. He’s decided to pick one up to play with, wanting to write his own control programs for it. Unfortunately what he found was that it doesn’t do wireless communication for control. Even after installing a bluetooth module, he found it was only used to trigger different predetermined motions. After some research, he found how to connect the bluetooth module to the main PC link which allows him direct control of the Bioloid via the PC. Unfortunately, the communication speed leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s a good start. We’ll keep our eye on this one.

4 thoughts on “Bioloid Hacking With Johnny Lee

  1. It’s just cool enough to be worth the $399 for the base kit. Not sure if you can do the humanoid with the base kit, but that’s the only form I’d care to have.

    I could spend a lot of time coding one, maybe bust out some efficient algorithms for emulating force response etc..

  2. @Johnny: Is it possible to control a robot like that using the Wii Nunchuk for head / neck movement, the Wiimote for torso control, and have the legs automatically keep the whole body stacked? Robots are our !

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