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[knuckles904] was able to use the new Wii MotionPlus with an Arduino. Nintendo has released the WM+ in order to detect the motion of the controller better. The Wiimote only detects acceleration, whereas the WM+ detects rotation along 3 axes. The Arduino communicates with it over I2C, the same protocol that is used with the Nunchuk. To connect the two devices, he used jumper wires, but breakout boards are also available. He was able to create some example code with help from wiibrew.org. When paired with a Nunchuk, which contains a 3-axis accelerometer, you can have a 6 degrees-of-freedom IMU for under $40, perfect for controlling your robots or logging data.

[via adafruit]

13 thoughts on “Wii MotionPlus + Arduino

  1. Take a wiimote, nunchuck and motionplus, stick them in a wii rifle stock, and you’ve got a full 6dof imu solution. Then bung an lcd screen on it and you’ve got your vr game gun! Even better because you can use the accelerometer input (properly scaled) to translate your walking/running into the game!

    Even better, replace the screen with a pandora when it’s released, and you’ve got a ***self-contained*** vr game gun!

    Hell, use the wifi in the pandora to link up several of these vr game guns and go nuts in a large open space somewhere!

    1. a gun game could use some 256 (512, 1024, etc as we get better at tiny pins) tiny pins to press onto an insert for a modded paintball vest, you could feel gunfire across your chest, a little fae told me that the US army was dicking with this in the 90s

  2. expanding on what pelrun said, would it be feasible to pop the ir filter off the wiimote’s camera for an augmented reality setup? and what would the minimum level of computing power be to run it? could the pandora handle it?

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