BrewTroller Brewing Control System


BrewTroller is an open source brewing control system based on the Sanguino. Targeting home beer brewers, this project gathers some of the best features from other DIY brewing controllers and packages them into a hardware and software setup so it’s accessible to those without the skills to design their own. It can interface with 4 heat controllers, 32 pumps/valves, 6 temperature sensors, 3 volume sensors, and 1 steam pressure sensor. The system displays information through a 4 line LCD. It can be used to monitor and maintain temperature during mashing, boiling, and chilling. If you have a more advanced setup that involves automatic valves, it can control those for you with almost limitless reconfigurability through every step of the brewing process.

We thought it was pretty hard core that at least some of the kits shipped with hand made PCBs. At the very least, it shows that it is possible to make this board yourself with the provided PCB layout.

[Thanks Julius]

8 thoughts on “BrewTroller Brewing Control System

  1. matt, I don’t know about beer != food but I have to agree with mojo nixon when he said “beer ain’t drinkin'”

    This is complete awesomeness..I’ve been working on my own home brew stuff recently and this may be one of my next projects.

  2. looks like huge potential for some other types of homebrew . . . bio diesel anyone? i wish this had been around 4 years ago when i was experimenting with that . . . i might just of had enough time left over to brew the beer too!

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