Repurpose An Unused Portable CD Player


[Ariel] liked the look of the Muji wall mounted CD player. He set out to build his own, posting a how-to that documents his project. The custom paperboard case contains a portable CD player, two portable speakers with amplifier, and a pull-string switch to turn it on and off. With mp3 players sending portable CD players the way of the dodo, and with the proliferation of powered mini-speakers this is a thrift-store build waiting to happen.

[via Boing Boing Gadgets]

7 thoughts on “Repurpose An Unused Portable CD Player

  1. I have an old MP3 discman sitting in a drawer, me thinks it will be dissected soon… I think some etched plexi and blue accent lights will be in order though, the plain design here based on the Japan one is a little too plain for me.

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