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Everyone’s favorite open source game console, the Uzebox (also cloned as the Fuzebox), just got a new feature hacked into it – a video player. At reduced quality (8-bit color), the Uzebox was able to play ‘The Matrix’ off an SD card @ 30fps plus the audio @15kHz. That’s a pretty impressive feat when one considers it is running on 4096 bytes of RAM. The video file had to first be converted into a series of pictures through a Photoshop macro in order to be playable. A Uzebox can be built with little more than a few resistors in addition to an overclocked ATmega644P, and AD725 (which has been skirted in certain incarnations).

12 thoughts on “Uzebox Video Player

  1. I’m not trying to critique you at all emperor, but is the AD725 being used in any sort of unusual way in this, or is is just doing like it always does and converting RGB to Composite and S-Video signals?

    Just wondering if I’m missing something or not.

  2. Hey guys, thanks for the nice comments. The AD725 does just what it’s supposed to be doing…converting RGB voltages to NTSC, no more no less! All the rest is generated purely by software.

    Those SNES connectors have actually been painstakingly stripped-off SNES multitaps made in Hong-Kong about 12-15 years ago! Ladyada and Embedded Engineering (who made the Uzebox AVCore) literally dried out the market of all the surplus! Interestingly, these connectors were very high quality…

  3. I agree w/db9 as an alternative.

    db connectors are just so darn handy. (and as mentioned occasionally used anyway!)

    It seems to me that some dead controllers would render the cable ends for some easily wired-up adapters with a little looking around as well.

    Very very cool stuff here. :)

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