ITunes LP: There’s A Hack For That


One of the most-hyped features of iTunes version 9 is the addition of “iTunes LP,” which aims to recreate the classic record album experience with artwork and photos, lyrics, and liner notes — provided, of course, that you can pony up the purported $10,000 for production and you’re not one of those filthy indie labels.

Almost immediately upon its release, folks set about dismantling the iTunes LP format and found that it largely consists of an unprotected combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. Such information is now scattered about the web, but a new site,, is jockeying to be the one-stop shop both for LP creation tutorials and for fan-made LP downloads (sans the copyrighted music tracks — bring your own). The first LP available for download there is [Walt Disney]’s 1957 release of Fantasia, faithfully reproducing the original 24-page color program in all its politically incorrect glory. Check it out…quickly, before Apple and Disney lay the smack down.

8 thoughts on “ITunes LP: There’s A Hack For That

  1. Wait a Minute, iTunes is Apple, Apple don’t do additions or addon’s, you just throw the old one away and shell out megabucks for the new version, until that release superceaded in 3 weeks time

  2. Probably Apple won’t have much to stand on, since as far as I can tell the tutorials and examples don’t use Apple’s code.

    Let’s hope Disney won’t act up too much. After all they aren’t distributing any music, and the LP hasn’t been on sale for nearly 50 years.

  3. This is another medium for labels to distribute their content and more than likely increase fan base and profit margins. Independent labels use lawyers just like big ones, they aren’t going to jump on this if it has a obvious potential to backfire legally.

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