A Different Breed Of Camera Controllers?


We’ve covered almost every way possible to remotely control a camera setup, from lasers, to Lego, to doorbells, and even having a Nintendo DS run the show. But at the end of the day, what if you want something that’s small, simple, has amazing flexibility for future additions, and most importantly doesn’t take away your favorite game system. [Whiternoise] wrote up an extremely detailed guide on getting an AVR to control your camera. We like the clean look the final product has, and the large amount of possible add-ons is a major plus. What do you look for in a cheap multi-function wireless camera controller?

6 thoughts on “A Different Breed Of Camera Controllers?

  1. It is the same family of chip as Arduino.

    The ATMega8 is kind of like the smaller brother to the ATMega168 that the Arduino uses. As such the pins are exactly the same, it just has a slightly reduced feature set.

    I didn’t want to use an Arduino because A) i don’t own one and B) they’re a waste of a good piece of kit for a permanent thing like this. Oh and C) they’re a lot of money and would have nearly doubled the cost of the project!

    The programmer, chip and cradle cost me less than an Arduino base pack and new micros are around £1.50-3 ($3-6) so it’s a substantial saving.

    I’m also familiar with C (though no doubt my code needs a good cleanup) so that helped – no need to use processing.

    Thanks for the feature guys :)

  2. This is a great write-up. I don’t own a camera and I still read the whole write-up. Lots to learn- that you can apply to other projects. Damn you Whiternoise, now I need buy a camera so I can make one of these. Thanks for the good write-up, they are few and far between.


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