PS3 Wireless Visual Interface

[Technott’s] at it again, this time extending the Playstation 3 with a wireless interface. This handheld isn’t actually a PS3. It provides a wireless connection to your PS3 to receive audio and video, as well as to manage controller data. Think of it as a wirelessly tethered handheld that allows you to play Playstation when your wife is watching the Real Housewives. This is similar in size to his Xbox 360 WVI but the case shape and appearance are a big step up (not that we disliked that one). We’ve embedded a video tour of the device after the break.

[Thanks Trina]

26 thoughts on “PS3 Wireless Visual Interface

  1. Nice job I used to have a wildcats controller with a screen for the orig xbox and kept it around so I could mess with it similarly. Games on the crapper are fun on any platform.

  2. Very nice looking build.

    On his last unit (360WVI) he mentioned rough power draw figures. This unit has a much larger capacity battery, but he doesn’t mention measured power draw. I’m curious to see what kind of battery life this thing has.

    Also – if you look at shoulder / trigger buttons (on the back), I can’t tell if they’re now digital only, or if the l2/r2 retain the analog pressure sensitivity of from the stock controller.

    Either way – impressive build!

  3. to clear things up, he’s not using remote play here. PSP has a remote play feature that is similar, but crippled to the point of uselessness for gaming. What he has done is fit his PS3 with a wireless AV transmitter, and then added a screen and speakers to a controller, with the AV receiver. So he’s not in remote play mode, he has actually attached a wireless display to the controller. Very nice build, great idea, I’m surprised it never occured to me!

  4. I was just reading someones gripes about how they couldn’t use the PSP as a wireless PS3 not too long ago – maybe this is the result of such frustration…. I like it – makes me wish my PS3 didn’t get bricked out of warranty…

  5. What I would like to see is a nice neat little box with a rats nest of wires inside that would alow you to have a transever for the video audio and digital/analog controlers therfore enableing you to just plugin and play on any divice be it ps3 pc n64 atari or even your microwave oven
    (out comes the paper and pen… And an evil genious smile spreads across my face and I start to laugh as a wonderous idear for a new invention apears on the paper) mwahahahahaha (:

  6. I love most of Ben’s creations. However, I think he dropped the ball on this one.

    The buttons and sticks are in difficult positions and the whole thing looks cumbersome to handle. Now I realize that may be blasphemous to Ben’s die hard fans, but it could be better.

    Ben needs to look into plastic molding. He should have improved upon the already good design of the PS3 controller itself. Picture this, a modified PS3 controller with steel arm attached underneath to a simple box with the screen etc in it that is placed above the L1/R1 buttons about an inch or two. Heck, a small gooseneck would work.

    No need to wire in the controller portion as it’s already self contained for that. Just have batteries for the screen part. Much less work and certainly much easier, and more comfortable, to play.

  7. @ SuperSparky
    as marshalh said, ben didint make this someone on his forums did. since i saw this guys first one for 360 i thought the same as you. my idea thought would be to make one with 2 interchangeable ars for both ps3 and 360. the 360 “arm” would connect to the battery cover and either move the batteries inside the wvi or use the wvi’s if there isint room inside that battery compartment. and for the ps3, i bought a 8 hour clip on battery for the controller from eb games and it connects into the usbthen wraps down under the contoller (where its batteries are) then up and clips into the crack between the two shells between the joysicks and ataching the ps3 “arm” to this would be a snap. that way you can still use both your controllers

  8. @veeloc

    Actually, most blue LED’s are or at least seem higher intensity than other color LED’s. I can just about light up a room with a blue LED. It might be just because of the spectrum of color it’s in too. I’ll have to look into that with a bit more detail. Either way he’s right, that is a really bright set of LED’s.

  9. @ supersparky / mick

    Now consider the weight of such a design, with a ~5 inch screen, speakers, av transciever, and batteries. Now consider putting all that weight on an arm sticking out _above_ the controller. This would tend to tip the controller down and away from your hands. I’d expect much more arm fatigue from holding your design than this one. Here the weight is balanced between your hands, rather than out away from them.

    One might be able to counterbalance such a design by having another arm coming out and down below the controller, put the av transciever and batteries there to balance against the screen.

    In neither case would I want all that weight clipped to the seam between the halves of the controller shell, nor attached solely by the battery clips. All that weight would probably rip free and snap plastic.

  10. JUST like the PSP… except it you can play PS3 games with it, so win. Also, you can’t play Katamari properly from the PSP; the controller needs two analog sticks. Double win for this gadget. Also, use a video splitter and you can play from the other room Vs. somebody at the TV. Triple win!

    Anybody wanna buy my PSP?

  11. smilr…

    So, put the screen above the controller about two inches over the buttons under the screen. If counterbalancing is necessary, then the battery compartment could be used for that.

    Nevertheless, a giant bulky thing as this has to be heavier than a simple attachment to an existing controller. That giant monstrosity looks to be counterproductive and unconfortable to use.

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