LEGO Router Case Bests Factory Finish

Stare at [Luke’s] LEGO router case; STARE AT IT! The router is nothing special, a WRT54GL that is fun to hack. We’ve seen it used as a robot, turned into a war driving box, and obviously this is where dd-wrt custom firmware started.

[Luke] designed the case in MLCAD and found a seller for the parts which came in just over $50. We think it’s much better looking than the stock case an if you used that for a different project, this is a way to replace it. We’ve embedded [Luke’s] assembly video after the break. If you like this case, take a look at his LEGO PC case as well.


17 thoughts on “LEGO Router Case Bests Factory Finish

  1. Actually, lego would be a great method for building some kind of modular computer stuff. Lego cases with usb connectors built into lego studs.

    Might have to experiment with that :-)

  2. I can see this not working very well for a more powerful system. Plastic is very good at insulating. Especially plastic with airpockets in it.

    Cool idea though, make’s me wish there was another more modular prototyping solution than sue happy Lego brand block’s.

  3. The case does look amazing, but that thing is going to overheat. It has holes in the top and bottom meant to carry the hot air out the top and bring in cooler air through the bottom. Still though, it looks amazing.

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