RGV Laser

[Carl] sure has come a long way with laser modifications, now introducing his portable RGV Full Colour Laser. Although it feels just like yesterday when he showed us his green spiro and his Lego diffraction grating projector.

But enough of the past, the RGV laser is built using a White Fusion Mixing Kit and his own Full Colour Driver Extension. We couldn’t find any circuit diagrams or code to build your own at the moment, but it appears fairly straight forward and you can always take a look at [c4r0’s] Colour Laser.

12 thoughts on “RGV Laser

  1. Not really full color if it’s RGV… It uses a 405nm blu-ray diode which is really a dark purple.. Most lasers that could be called “full color” use a 473nm blue laser.

    I have one of these white fusion kits sitting here waiting for a green module.. They’re really nicely machined, though any hacker worth his salt can do the same using a gutted “PHR-803T” drive sled from an old hd-dvd drive (very commonly available despite what you may think… they’re available for ten bucks and include the 100mW violet diode as well as all the combining optics you need)

    Also, the “full color driver extension” is just a pre-programmed PIC and three LM317T regulators.. Again, any respectable hacker will have some other, more robust microcontroller at hand they could use to produce something much better for real PWM control, not just what “modes” the PIC seller has programmed.

    Laserpointerforums is a great resource, there are a good couple dozen people there who really know their shit, but the site is overwhelmed with novices… A lot of stuff on the site has a long way to go before it becomes a worthwhile hack.. This guy just bought a kit and assembled it, I daresay that is not a hack.

  2. @jwt: thanks for sharing. I agree that the lack of shark means this does not pique my interest, but some good advice and links to resources have been provided.

    Now I need to find a shark on eBay.

  3. I wonder if this would be worthwhile, let alone safe to use for live show/theatrical lighting. I’m sure I’m asking a silly question, but how long does the beam need to travel before the temperature of the beam is low enough to not harm anyone? And yes, a laser in anyone eye for too long will do damage at any distance.

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