Composing Music With The Force Trainer

In the ongoing quest to make the Force Trainer useful [Hunter Scott] developed a music composition platform for your mind (channel Jack Black’s voice for the last half of that sentence). Using the Force Trainer’s serial port [Hunter] feeds the data stream into a computer via an FTDI cable and uses Processing to make the music. It’s good, and the demos on his site are worth the click, but we still can’t get enough of the shocking video from back in March. But we digress, let [Hunter] walk you through his setup in the video after the break.[youtube=]

9 thoughts on “Composing Music With The Force Trainer

  1. It would be sort of nice to have this thing to see how active the person is and based on that chooses the next song in the playlist.

    So, for example when I’m reading a relaxing book I might prefer classical piano music over high tempo techno music and vice versa when I’m playing some FPS. Don’t know though if it is just easier to change the song than hold that thing in your head.

  2. Make the fist number control a low pass filter’s freq knob and the 2nd the resonance or stuff ike that. Not actually play music, but control the filters and feel.

  3. Well you should at least cite my name in your site (as the good guys at hackaday already did).

    Anyhow, nice project.. unfortunately the force trainer is averything except an EEG…
    It takes MOSTLY your muscles activity and a little alpha and beta waves.

  4. Matt: yeah, upon listening to the video again, I realized how much I bombarded the viewer with um’s. oops.

    Zibri: You’re right! Sorry about that, you’re cited now. After all, that post was the main reason I decided to go for the Force Trainer rather than the Mindflex (there’s a built in serial port on that too, but I don’t think anyone had found it yet when I first did this).

  5. Yes, but I believe that it is only a matter of time before we CAN record the music we hear in our head….. and also images possibly, which would make for some very…. interesting results.

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