PartKAM Produces CAM Related Files Online

PartKAM is a Flash-based CAM production package created by [Jack Qiao]. There are a ton of computer aided manufacturing suites out there, this one is simple and requires nothing more than having your browser open. We played with it for a few moments and found it useful but still a bit buggy. Most notably, it lacks a ‘undo’ option. That being said, you can export as SVG or gCode for use when you just need to hammer out a few parts with that CNC mill you threw together.

6 thoughts on “PartKAM Produces CAM Related Files Online

  1. Messed with it for a few minutes. I have to say I’m impressed. Much better than I could hope to accomplish! One suggestion would be the ability to delete toolpaths. I couldn’t find a way to do that. Otherwise, nice work!

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