Adding Motion Control To An RC Transmitter

If your soldering skills are up to snuff you can add a motion control feature to your radio controlled transmitter. [Starlino] used a combination accelerometer and gyroscope module as an alternate source of analog control information. He built a filter to dial in the analog voltage range to match that of one of the sticks on the controller. A switch is used to disconnect the signal when motion input is not desired. This would be a nice addition to one of those more creative aerial hacks.

5 thoughts on “Adding Motion Control To An RC Transmitter

  1. I know it would be useful, how many times have you tilted your body when playing a console game before accelerometers? I remember tons of games when I caught myself twisting the controls in some vain sort of attempt to tell the game to steer harder. Why not incorporate this into flying planes. Although, I could also see where this might also become over-steering.

  2. In video games you typically have a driver/pilot perspective. In RC you often have the airplane flying toward you… upside down… instinctual tilting of the controller might be a problem. It may be less of an issue with a boat or car but turning the wings the tiniest bit too far on an RC plane could cause it to tip stall or any number of other things causing it to run full speed in to the ground.

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