Connecting A Nokia 3310 LCD Using An AVR

In this instructible, [wkter] takes us through the process of running a Nokia 3310 LCD display using an ATmega8.  This instructible isn’t a beginners project as he assumes you already have a strong understanding of how to work with these components and their programming languages. He is very thorough with information though, providing datasheets, pinout diagrams, and source code. Once you get this down, you could go a little further and make  Conway’s game of life.

7 thoughts on “Connecting A Nokia 3310 LCD Using An AVR

  1. I did this myself a little while back.

    I actually had an old phone with this screen, so I left the LCD on the main board and just soldered to the contact points on the board.

    It’s a pretty neat little screen to use.

  2. These LCDs are really really nice. They are only a few dollars a piece and it takes less than an afternoon to write an avr driver for them in assembly. With the right contrast settings it is very readable and takes very little power. I’ve got about 4 lying on my desk at the moment, and another 3 in finished projects. Good part to have around for that weekend project.

  3. yes, i am also working on a project using these.

    It seems that you can make a pcb exposing “engine” using one of these displays and some high power (>0.1W) UV LEDs.

    not particularly high resolution but to some extent it can be useful if you need a small PCB quickly and don’t want to waste an entire sheet of Press&Peel.

  4. @bothersaidpooh
    What an excellent idea! Is it a common technique? I’ve not heard of it before. A higher res/pixel density display, something like the PSP one perhaps would be awesome for that. I suppose colour LCDs might not be so effective because of the colour filters though

  5. @kernelcode, not that i am aware of.

    one of the nice guys on #hvcomm suggested it…
    i think the problem is that colour screens do not pass enough light for it to work due to the filters.

    in theory if you used enough UV LEDs it would still work, and a PSP screen would certainly meet the resolution requirements.

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