Tube Preamp With A Dazzling Wood Case

It’s been a while since we’ve looked in on the world of vacuum tube audio equipment. [Bruce] just finished documenting a tube preamp he built. He actually made a couple of these with slightly different cases but they use the same circuit design. We found his discussion of common errors made when tying into ground quite interesting. It seems that many folks struggle with noise in their circuits because of ground loops. There’s some details about isolating the signal ground from a metal chassis, and also an admonition about not connecting the input or output jacks directly the chassis.
If you like this, don’t miss on of our favorite tube projects, [Bruce’s] Poddwatt.

8 thoughts on “Tube Preamp With A Dazzling Wood Case

  1. a human needs to start proofreading mike szczys articles. spellcheck does not a sentence make.
    whenever i see a word missing or replaced with a similar word i know he did the write-up. i can barely spell myself but i don’t write for a high traffic blog.

  2. One suggestion: Those aluminum disk/donuts around the waist of each tube…. I would add one more to the stack on each tube. The additional donut should be positioned with spacers to just-above the nipples on the glass envelopes.

    The point is to protect the nips if something should ever fall on top of the amp.

    Very nice project, in any event.

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