Flower With PCB Pot And LED Blossoms

[Johannes Agricola] recently held a workshop at the Peace Mission in Goettingen, Germany where he shared his RGB LED flowers. The small round PCB hosts an ATmega88 microcontroller which is running the V-USB stack so that the unit can be controlled by a computer. Each flower blossom is an RGB LED connected with four enameled wires which, when twisted together, make up the stem of the flower. [Johannes] took tons of pictures during the assembly while offering soldering advice along side the illustrations. The PCB is single-sided helping make this a great project for someone trying out surface mount component soldering for the first time. Or if you want something a little more free-formed try out this lemon-juice powered LED flower.

12 thoughts on “Flower With PCB Pot And LED Blossoms

  1. Now that’s pretty sweet, and far more romantic then a dozen roses. I wonder how long before the trools come out and say
    1. That’s not a hack!
    2. What’s the point?
    3. That’s not how I would have dine it!
    4. Wher’s the Arduino?

    Well thats proof you did something Uber that made them jelouse. Good job!

  2. The Asian economy has been crashing while ‘Western’ demand for ICs has been growing equals one monster shortage of AVRs. (I blame Arduino the most, how dare they make microcontrollers fun and easy so now everyone wants them)

    SMD chip versions have been the hardest to find, luckily I found a few sales and bought my own little stockpile of Atmega328s SMD and boy am I glad I did.

    Through hole has been pretty easy to find though.

  3. Reminds me to that pov globe. Unfortunately I dont have avr programmer in the woods either so skip building this one too.
    Not to mention soldering that chip would might cost 5 new chip and 2 boards until I get it right.

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