Hackaday Links: February 27, 2011

Odd project materials

[Juliansr] wrote in to tell us about a site that sells bendable, moldable, stretchable, and other ‘able’ materials you might want to use in your next project.

(2 * 9V) = Flashlight

[Lasse] built a flashlight with two 9V batteries. One is a normal battery, the other has been gutted and is used as a connector and enclosure for an LED and resistor.

Ghetto flat screen mount

Don’t despair if you can’t afford a mounting bracket for that new flat screen. All you really need is a few screws and some garbage ties.

Tennis ball stand

This crafty solution to charging a phone makes sure that you’re also able to read the display. Since tennis balls lose their pressurization over time it’s a good use for the flat orbs.

Message visor

Get your message across while blocking your view of… everything with this message displaying visor. It’s like a Daft Punk helmet without the helmet.

16 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: February 27, 2011

  1. The first time the wall mount breaks is the last time he’ll be watching tv on it. I could see getting by with larger picture framing wire with eyelets. I used to wrap garbage ties around a finger on each hand and break them apart when I was a kid.

  2. Garbage ties!? Seriously? I can think of about 6 ways to hang an LCD using scraps I have laying around, and all of them will support much more weight than that LCD. The worst part is that he obviously intends to move this from screw to screw on the wall, bending and re-bending the garbage ties. We all know that isn’t going to end well!

  3. not intended to insult his intelligence for the lcd wall mount but thats really stupid.

    I found out that pegboard, that stuff in grocery stores to hang products on a little metal bar, has the same hole distance as a regular LCD screen VESA mount.

    I hope he can upgrade his mount if he sees this :)

  4. It’s funny how after watching that wall mount video youtube has an “up next’ list of videos that are all by manufacturers of the expensive mounts and that are called things like ‘how to properly mount a screen’ and ‘advise on the best mounting system’

    Personally I think an awful lot of mounting systems are indeed a ripoff and you can easily make one yourself, but in this instance I think he should try a little harder though.

  5. The stuff on inventables seems way too expensive. ~$20 for one squishy gel magnet? I want to test out an idea I had for robotic muscles.

    I guess I’ll just ask here. Can anyone here tell me whether or not, if the magnet were stretched out, electromagnets on each end would make it contract?

  6. I think a nice game would be taking items from the inventables.com site, and finding the “real” prices (much lower) of each item +source, and posting them in the comments section here at HAD.

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