OnshouldersTV Knows How To Use OpenSCAD

Recently there’s been a increase in the popularity of OpenSCAD as the tool of choice in the 3d printing community. [Gavilan Steinman] is putting out a series of webTV shorts on the use of OpenSCAD. While it lacks a lot of the features of big CAD suits (such as the ability to generate drawings of your parts), the community has proven it’s effectiveness as a design tool. There are only two episodes out so far but they cover  OpenSCAD, mathcast, 3d printing, and a really neat robot design.  Watch them below.



7 thoughts on “OnshouldersTV Knows How To Use OpenSCAD

  1. ok, im not much of a programmer, but i would have made that servo a heck a way faster using a mouse driven modeling software. (like solid works or something) Also less mind tricks.. (for me)

  2. strange that the 1st episode was Feb 27. Second was Mar 6 … now its June 3… Almost looks to me like he lost interest in the series …

    Anywho interesting stuff. I will be downloading openSCAD tonight!

  3. The big draw to OpenSCAD is that it makes changing a few parameters ad getting a new version very easy; a good thing if you want to share your design with folks that might not have exactly the same parts you do.

  4. @Regulus: Most “mouse-based” CAD-packages out there can use variables as well, you don’t always have to create fixed models.
    @topic: Nice, I like the more “programming” like aspect of OpenSCAD, gonna take a look for sure.

  5. OpenSCAD is the ultimate parametric design tool. The dimensions can be changed on the fly. I think this is the benefits over Solidworks/Creo Element/Autodesk 123D, though not as intuitive.

    I’ve been using Soldworks for many years, but it is tooooo expensive that I cannot afford installation on my own computer. OpenSCAD and Autodesk 123D are very good alternatives, as they are free.

    Hope that one day a mouse-driven front end can be developed upon OpenSCAD.

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