Two Kinects Plus One HD Projector Makes The Coolest “Snowglobe” Ever

Looking for something to replace the flat screen display that was amazing in your house ten years ago?  How about a circular display similar to a snowglobe (crystal ball?) that will display the image you are watching correctly no matter at what angle you view it.

This amazing student project from Queens University combines elements that many hackers are familiar with, including: Kinect sensors, a 3-D projector, and a giant acrylic sphere.  Actually, most people have never worked with a giant acrylic sphere, but they look like fun.  Check out the video after the break.


The resulting display is a “pseudo-3D” image in that what you see is not presented in three dimensions, but appears to be. The Kinect tracks a user’s position and adjusts the view accordingly.  Additionally, hand gestures can be used to zoom the object in or out, rotate the object, and change the object to something else.  If you like this, be sure to check out this “People-tracking orb” using some similar technology.

10 thoughts on “Two Kinects Plus One HD Projector Makes The Coolest “Snowglobe” Ever

  1. HAD… When everything is amazing then nothing is. Please explore other adjectives when describing interesting and evolutionary, not revolutionary, items. The word is, like, overused. Thanks.

  2. Zee:

    When pursuing a Masters degree, you are referred to as a Candidate until you get the degree. It’s “awarded” to you upon completion of your program. You should actually stop by a university and observe a graduation ceremony for Masters Candidates. It’s pretty interesting.

  3. Oh, but this is obviously a Palantír…

    Jokes aside, nice gimmick – in a sort of presentation kiosk sort of way (for just one person though). However, it has the same problem as most “novel” input technologies – so far, nothing beats a few clicks of a mouse in convenience of handling data, especially not having to constantly use your hands or entire body to do it.

  4. @Max:

    I’m afraid you’re right, until we find a truly more efficient (and, importantly, convenient) way of processing and controlling data, these kinds of devices will merely be a gimmick.

    Of course, all that needs to be done really, is for a very accurate form of Kinect to be developed, wherein it captures and uses the movements of just the fingers of your preferred hand.

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