Paper Craft Claw

Grab some stiff paper and get to work building your own paper claw. [Dombeef] posted the instructions to recreate the claw above because he was unsatisfied with his previous design which was flimsy and unable to pick up just about anything. This version is a bit larger and it internalizes all of the parts.

Being paper craft, you don’t need much in the way of materials or tools. A push-pin makes holes for the paperclip and wire which serve as the pivot points. Glue and some tape hold the rest of assembly together. You can see a video of the final product after the break. A shaft at the center closes the claw when pulled, and opens it when pushed to opposite way. This makes it perfect for that home-made crane game (or was that a claw game?)… as long as you’re not trying to pick up anything too heavy.


13 thoughts on “Paper Craft Claw

  1. I was thinking it could be made to fit anyones needs, it could be longer to pick stuff off the ground, It could even have more than 3 claws to pick up more complex objects, it could be made of metal to be stronger, etc

  2. Lol@Toy Story reference! That’s the first thing that came to my mind, too, when I first read this… :)

    While this hack is awesome, this would be great done with layered corrugated cardboard for more strength. And then maybe even laminate the layered corrugated cardboard parts in a thin layer of fiberglass…

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