Wire Loop Game Penalizes For Touches By Shrinking Your Wand

We really like this take on a conductive wire maze game. It’s the result of a 48-hour hackathon in Belgium which required that all projects stemming from the event use an Arduino. We think [Jan] and [Kristof] made perfect use of the prototyping device in the time allotted. The event organizers thought so too because this took top prize.

As you can see, the gaming area is two-sided, and consists of some copper wire bent into a maze. There’s a wand made out of a PVC pipe with a loop of braided cable running through it. The loop surrounds the copper track and each player needs to get from the beginning to the end, touching checkpoints along the way without coming in contact with the track.

Pretty standard, right? Well there’s a twist. At each checkpoint the Arduino signals a servo motor in the wand to make the loop smaller. Add to that a penalty/reward system: if you touch the track, your loop gets smaller and your opponent’s loop grows larger. Don’t miss the head-to-head action after the break.

This reminds us of that wire-based cave racer from a few years back.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8CjX9vgBoE&w=470]

[Thanks Toon]

3 thoughts on “Wire Loop Game Penalizes For Touches By Shrinking Your Wand

  1. Nice to see our project here :)
    But there’s a litle mistake in this article… The ring doesn’t shrink at a checkpoint… it GROWS to it’s initial size… It starts automatically shrinking when you start.
    If you touch the track, then the opponents ring will grow. So your bad playing makes it more easy for your opponent.

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