Portal Mini Golf Hole Will Incinerate Your Ball…you Monster


One of [Tom’s] friends is celebrating a birthday soon, and he was asked to make a mini golf hole for the event. While most people would expect to bring beer or guac to the shindig, he saw this as an opportunity to bring a little bit of Portal to life.

Near the end of the first Portal game, you are forced to pitch your companion cube into the incinerator, a scene which [Tom] thought would be the perfect mini golf hole. He started out by building an iris door mechanism, which he surrounded with chicken wire and some plaster, producing a fantastic-looking waste disposal pipe.

He added a ramp that leads up to the hole, then [Tom] got busy with the electronics portion of the fixture. Once the portal button at the end of the ramp is pressed, an Arduno triggers a pair of motors to open the waste disposal door and fire up a smoke machine. The result, as you can see in the video below, is nothing short of awesome.

[Tom] says he’s in the process of building a pair of turrets and a working golf ball portal as well, so if you’re a big Portal fan, be sure to check out his site for updates.


38 thoughts on “Portal Mini Golf Hole Will Incinerate Your Ball…you Monster

    1. The point is, the sentence is designed to spoil the game for people.
      If it wasn’t in the post then there would be no loss. People who knew the story would get it and the one remaining guy who didn’t would just be like, meh must be a reference.

    2. Portal 1 is ->five<- years old which is what they're pointing out by saying "Vader is Luke’s dad, man". In the game world perspective that's really really old.

      You wouldn't call spoiler alert on that either.

    1. you should run a scan, “little bit of portal” AND “iris door mechanism” links both were caught by my Antivirus on both my winxp machines, as trying to run a harmful script within IE 8.
      the download was stopped in time, but, i would be worried the script made changes, hence why it redirected to a porn site.

      1. the AV notice read: “Malware repelled; HTML..Script.inf”
        i’m thinking its generated locally at page load.
        i could not find it on my machine (but it was also blocked) Nor on your webpage. viewing html-source for your page, all looks good, but then i’m not a programmer.
        And btw – nice build, i may have to build one for my kids! j/k

  1. He’s running wordpress 3.3.1 which has exploits.

    Last line in the html states:
    Proudly powered by my hatred of the internet and all that use it

    Guessing the porn site is related.

  2. Why not expand this to have the golfball roll into an orange portal and have a bit of electronics dispense another golf ball out of a blue portal somewhere else in the course? You could use a powerful solenoid to fire it out with the same force it went in at. Just thinking aloud.

  3. I’m sure it will be a great source of amusement. As a concept, portal fits into crazy golf really neatly, because of the puzzle solving aspect and the comical slapstick element. I’ll look forward to seeing your finished project in full :)

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