Micro Star Wars Arcade Game Is A Work Of Art

No, it’s not just another MAME cabinet build. [Le Chuck] over on the arcadecontrols.com forum built a fully functioning 1/6 scale replica of the classic 1983 Atari arcade game Star Wars.

The hardware is a CAANOO Linux-based portable media player running an emulation of the classing 1983 Star Wars video game. When [Le Chuck] turns his cabinet on, MAME4All boots up and goes directly into the game.

Because there are no 1/6 scale arcade parts, [Le Chuck] needed to fabricate most of his build from scratch. The case is basswood, along with the very-accurate light up coin slot doors. The joystick for the game was a bit tricky; the Star Wars game used an X Z joystick modeled after the yoke in the cockpit of an X-wing. To build this joysitck, [Le Chuck] took apart a few pots and crafted the joystick out of thin sheet metal. The controls operate exactly like the original, only in 1/6 scale.

After the break you can see the video of this incredible build in action.

22 thoughts on “Micro Star Wars Arcade Game Is A Work Of Art

  1. Cool. The craftsmanship on this cabinet is impressive and the flight yoke, although technically unimpressive, is really amazing because it’s size and how well crafted it is.

    I never would have thought of using those cheap mp4 players. With how cheap they are compared to an icade setup or similar for android it would be cool to see a full mini arcade with multiple machines.

  2. Needs to work on the response time of the potentiometers, a bit.
    “Take that, Imperial scum!”
    Needs some scale quarters, also.
    “Never can tell.”

    I’m sure the X-Wing pilots would have been glad of the scaled up bottle of wine before hitting the Death Star…
    ‘Lord Vader! They appear to be using a new flight tactic, we can’t hit them!!!’

    1. Just download MAME. You’ve heard of MAME, right? You know, it emulates over ten thousand games? You can probably find the ROMs using a simple Google search, too, I’m not sure Hack-A-Day would want its commenters to aid in copyright infringement by linking you directly to the Star Wars ROM.

      1. Sounds like you need to stop playing video games and get some fresh air. And a life. You know, that thing you get when you stop playing video games all day?

        Ian, go to mamedev.org and after downloading the program, search for “swa.zip”. That should get you going. Good luck.

  3. hi m8 i have just watched the videofor your unbelievable micro star wars machine, takes me back to 1983 when i was just 10 years old ;@), i could get to level 15 back then, been looking for a cockpit version for last 5 years, but no joy ;@( , don’t suppose you ever thinking about making and selling your builds are you m8 ??? if so i am very interested lol ;@)

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