3d Printed Nes Portable Looks Fantastic And Contains No Hot Glue

[Parker] emailed us today to show off his latest NES portable build. This time he’s using the standard “top loader” NES instead of the typically used NES on a chip. This is pretty cool since the NES on a chip has compatibility issues with some games. For the screen, he uses a common PSone screen with a slight power modification. From the factory, the screen takes 7.4 V and converts it down to 5V to use. He removed this and ran it directly from his own 5V power source. It may not seem like that big of a deal, but with portables, every bit counts. He also ditched the sound amplifier from the PSone screen in favor of something a little more efficient. He seems to have done a pretty good job because he says it gets roughly 10 hours at full volume right now.

Another cool aspect of this deign is that the cartridge serves as a sort of stand for the unit, although the button placement looks like it might be a tiny bit awkward when used this way.


11 thoughts on “3d Printed Nes Portable Looks Fantastic And Contains No Hot Glue

    1. Yea I dont know if it correctly qualifies for a portable game system if there wasn’t any used. Unless they consider the entire 3D print “hot glue”.

      BTW, doesn’t ANY good hack require a little hot glue?

  1. this is one of the better nes portables that I’ve seen. I can thing of three things that would make this better. bending the cartridge slot 90 degrees down by adding wires between the current one and the motherboard or by building a new slot out of the connectors that 5 1/4 floppy drives used. thinning the part of the case where the controller is if possible. using the ppu from an arcade board to get rgb video since the psone monitor supports it.

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