Cool Master Advanced Beer Delivery System

The Cool Master is a beer delivery system which Innovation Thirst built as their qualifying entry for this year’s Red Bull Creation contest. It’s one of the best beer delivery concepts we’ve ever seen. Instead of tossing you a beer directly from the fridge, this offering brings the cold beverages directly to you. It even manages to de-cap the bottles before serving.

Mobility is provided by a six-wheeled base which allows for a zero-turn radius. The cooler acts as the body of the robot, and hides a hopper which carries a stock of bottles on their sides. When you want a beer, the bot approaches you, tilts the next bottle to the upright position, removes the cap, then raises the vessel on a beer elevator until it pushes its way through the rubber orifice in the cooler’s lid. Right now the device is operated using an RC controller, but there’s always room for adding autonomy and the ability to restock from a refrigerator. Don’t miss the demo video after the break.

18 thoughts on “Cool Master Advanced Beer Delivery System

  1. “Ey! Where’s my beer droid?” (AVGN).

    Too bad I can’t watch the video because I live in Germany. My Government just seems to hate music. (and I’m to noobish to ssh into some hungarian server)

  2. Wow that thing has some real mobility for a beer robot! When I saw it outside I thought cell phone app and GPS, hit the “Beer Me” app on your phone and this thing goes cross country to give you a beer! Hey, they could get DARPA funding for that!

      1. May I suggest a simple push button that draws the Coolmaster to you? I imagine a situation similar to those old commercials where the elderly requests assistance because they have fallen and can’t get up.

    1. We competed in the competition last year aswell (with a beer entry in the qualifier). The organizers are really just in this to see people make cool things. None of us are big energy drink consumers, but beer on the other hand….

      We take the approach that we would rather build something cool that we enjoy then build something the sponsors would like. At the end of the day for my team this competition is an excuse to get together, forget about work for a while, and just have some fun.



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