Southwest Tour: Fablab In Tulsa Oklahoma

We passed through Tulsa Oklahoma the first day we were traveling, but it was very early in the morning, so we skipped the Fablab. On the way home though, the timing was perfect for a quick visit.  [Blixa] was happy to show me around and explain how the fablab works.

I’ve never been to a fablab before, so I was very curious what it would be like. Fablabs are slightly different than your standard hackerspace, having a set structure that they must adhere to, to be considered a fablab, sort of like a franchise.  Instead of paying to become a member, you pay for time on the machines. From what I saw at the fablab in Tulsa, this model seems to be working well. They had very nice equipment that appeared to be in constant use by the visitors.

Much like a hackerspace, local groups will gather there as well. As [Blixa] was pointing explaining in the video, the Tulsa Webdevs, and the Tulsa Open Source Hardware groups had met there recently.

5 thoughts on “Southwest Tour: Fablab In Tulsa Oklahoma

  1. Wow, that looks like am amazing resource. Those folks are very lucky to have a place like that to create.

    I hope you folks have a fun trip across the Southwest and that it isn’t too hot. But, its a dry heat- at least. If you manage to go through the Four Corners are check out some of the amazing Anasazi “engineering from the past”. There are Chacoan outliers all around a huge huge area so you will certainly go near at least one. If I were you I would only go to Chaco Canyon if you are used to gravel roads. At least when I have gone there, over ten years ago, the last ten or twenty miles is (intentionally) unpaved to keep out the casual tourists. Its just an amazing place, you wont forget it. The ancient ceremonial roads leading to it can be seen from space.

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