Tri-mounted Monitors Using Strut Channeling (no Welding)

[Optec] want his own triple monitor setup built to his specifications. It turns out to have been a pretty easy project thanks to his mastery of stock materials. The image above is just a bit dim, but if you look closely you can see the strut channel which makes up the monitor frame.

When it comes to this type of metal strut material there’s a lot to choose from. [Optec] went with the half-slot format which provides a little bit of left and right wiggle room. This is important to get the edges of those monitors to butt up to one another. After making a pair of relief cuts he bent the channel in two places, using 45 degree brackets as reinforcement. The monitor mounts are made of MDF with countersunk holes to hide the bolt heads which connect it to the channel.

He figures the total cost of the mount was around $40. Seeing how easy it was makes us think we may never buy a commercial TV mounting bracket again. Of course if you’re more into woodworking there’s a tri-monitor project for you too.

[via reddit]

15 thoughts on “Tri-mounted Monitors Using Strut Channeling (no Welding)

  1. “The image above is just a bit dim…”

    Why didn’t you use any of the other well lit photos from the post? Perhaps the very first one?

    I like this, even if it’s a little ugly. I have a couple monitors sitting around that I’ve been thinking about how to get use out of them.

    1. Because this show the final result and a game I expect.

      And the remark about it being dim obviously is merely to indicate that you don’t have to worry but that the link has clear pictures.

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