Elemental Display Is Also A LED Wall


[Dan] is an element collector, someone who gets his socks knocked off by bismuth crystals and the orange vapor of bromine. Of course every element collector needs a proper display case, and since the periodic table table idea is cliché, [Dan] decided to build an elemental display that’s also a really awesome LED wall.

The build started off as most do with a few sheets of plywood and 120 acrylic shelves for each item in [Dan]’s collection. The real magic happened when [Dan]’s buddy [Bill] was called in to make the display a little more interesting.

Behind each acrylic shelf is a three-LED section of a LED strip, each part of the periodic table having a different color. The 120 individual shelving units are broken down into 16-shelf groups, each driven by a custom LED driver board. These driver boards are connected to a master Arduino with phone cables and make wonderful use of a very neat TCL5940 Arduino library.

The elemental display has a few options; all-on, twinkling, an Apple ‘breathing’ mode, and a graphic eq, as shown in the video after the break.


14 thoughts on “Elemental Display Is Also A LED Wall

  1. Not to bad mouth, it is an amazing piece of work, but since he was working with plexiglass and leds why not have the name, number, symbol, etc… of each element in front of the shelf as an illuminated sign, now that would be awesome(er).

    1. Of course Arren, thanks again for trying to help me with the finicky Ti chips a year or so ago. By the way, I finally figured out what I was doing to fry them so regularly, they cannot be powered up after the master controller has already started clocking them. The initial state must have all the clocks line low or floating. If not, they fry. There’s a small off hand warning in the spec sheet about this that I had missed.

  2. Pretty piss-poor build quality if you look at the build video. I don’t know why one would go to all this effort and not bother to clean the edges of your plywood, or why he routed the cables for each shelf on the front side.

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