Remote Control Car That Packs Its Own Beretta


We’ve never really thought to ourselves “This RC car is fun, but it really needs more handguns”. And if we did, it certainly would not be a built to undertake with students. But to each his own. [Jerod Michel] is a mathematician working in China. He recently built the project seen above with a group of students. Look closely and you’ll notice that the remote control car includes a remote control Beretta strapped to the side.

He doesn’t have a blog post about the project, but you can find a couple of images and his build instructions after the break. The firearm has a motor attached to the trigger that allows it to be fired by tapping into one of the extra channels on the RC car’s PCB. But you won’t just be firing blindly. The project also includes a video transmitter which can be viewed from an LCD screen mounted on top of the remote control unit. There’s even a laser sight that will show what you’re aiming at.

We wonder what the recoil of the firearm does to this light-weight vehicle?

Build Instructions (.txt file)

82 thoughts on “Remote Control Car That Packs Its Own Beretta

    1. would be pretty stupid to do unless you have a some kind of 2 way radio system to aknowledge sending the “fire” command to the car and some decent error correction…

    2. My 9mm handgun with a 3″ barrel: At 50 yards, the bullet falls onto the ground without any visible cratering to the soil. The bullet itself is undamaged and appears just as it did when affixed to the shell casing. This is with full-metal jacket shells. With safety shells, which have poor ballistic properties to avoid harm to bystanders, the danger is even lower.

      1. Please be aware that if fired with sufficient elevation a normal 9mm FMJ has enough kinetic energy left at over a MILE away to KILL a man.

        It would still be going over 350 fps when impacting the ground at a mile and a half range if fired at a 45 degree angle. At 50 yards it is going 90% as fast as when it left the barrel, though very few are accurate beyond this with a handgun, the round is still very lethal at 50 yards and beyond.

        I really don’t much care if you personally prove Darwin right, but please learn wtf you are doing with guns if you will be anywhere that another human might be within range of them.

      1. The others obviously do not know. There is no tape wrapped around the slide, just the exposed barrel. Please familiarize yourself with the operation of a Beretta 92/96 before agreeing with others, this is how misinformation is spread.

        1. There is tape wrapped around the rear section of the slide. The tape is shown in the very first photo of the post. I can see how it is misleading since the tape over the rear of the slide is lacking in the photo of the gun in his hand.

        2. Um, as others have noted the slide is in fact taped.

          Despite this, taping the barrel as has been done above would result in the front area of the slide to rip it off. The ENTIRE slide, including the front sight on this particular weapon moves rearward about two inches when fired. The rear piece of tape on the barrel would not be sheared, but the front would certainly be destroyed.

          You should not lecture others on the operation of this weapon when you are misinformed yourself… either that or 7/10 troll.

        3. The Beretta 92FS/M9 is, like most other larger caliber pistols on the market today, a short-recoil locked-breech action. What this means is that the barrel does recoil a short amount with the slide after the shot is fired. A locking piece attached to the barrel is then cammed out of a locking groove in the slide, the barrel stops moving, and the momentum that the slide gained from this recoil causes it to move all the way to the rear of its travel, extracting and ejecting the spent cartridge. The mainspring then causes the slide to move forward, chambering the next round from the magazine. The slide strikes the barrel, and they begin to move forward together. The locking piece is cammed back into the locking channel in the slide, and the pistor returns to battery.

          This is different from most browning action short-recoil pistols, which tip the barrel to unlock the action rather than having a separate locking piece that is cammed out to unlock the action. The principles are more or less identical, though.

      1. But when mounted on the car, the rear of the slide is taped. Not to mention the slide moves back far enough that it would wipe out the front piece of tape. However, since it’s not a real Beretta, my money says the slide doesn’t move. Click on the photo of the gun in his hand, you can see many of the mechanisms are molded into the frame and slide.

  1. interesting idea. I don’t see it being able to fire more than once though. The components are either taped or zip tied to the slide. The first time it recoils, everything will probably get ripped off.

  2. Surely they are going to have problems after firing the weapon (if its not a BB or CO2 air pistol) after the slide pops back to eject the casing with all the things taped to the slide? Let alone the recoil of the weapon.

  3. Private citizens can legally own or posses a firearm in China. This has to be bb/pellet/airsoft gun. Would still be fun. Now we need a power-wheels with a paintball Gatling gun

    1. correction: Private citizens CANNOT legally own or posses a firearm in China. This has to be bb/pellet/airsoft gun. Would still be fun. Now we need a power-wheels with a paintball Gatling gun

      1. Somewhat correct, like many other countries, if you are part of a shooting sports organization, hunting organization or similar group you can own firearms for those purposes.

    1. Actually it looks like we do…. A very capable adversary is teaching it’s SCHOOLCHILDREN how to make unmanned fighting vehicles. And we’re busy suspending ours for thumb and finger ‘gunplay

    2. This is from China, not ‘murica; they dont have ARE FREEDUMS!!, so this is only a airsoft gun. If this was made in America by a regular joe with a real firearm, it would have been a federal felony. The ATF frowns up electronically fired firearms due to how easily they can be fired in full auto.

  4. I suggest HaD get someone knowledgeable on firearms as a consultant/assistant editor. We have seen many firearm related posts recently, with many of them totally fake (like this one) or utterly irresponsible.

    The lack of gun-knowledge is shining through, guise.

    1. Now there’s an interesting question. How many airsoft rounds from ankle height does it take to get to the tootsie pop center of.. I mean kill some one?

      Obviously a lucky/well aimed shot to the temple would do the trick, and especially so from an RC car!
      While aiming at the ankles however, I’m guessing thousands would be required, along with some method to keep them from walking away or stepping on the thing.

  5. FAIL: dangerous, stupid.
    HAD – why do you keep giving these asinine ideas publicity. Someone’s going to try this with a real gun and a bunch of people are going to get KILLED. A bit of thought, please.

  6. Real or not, and I suspect the latter, this is madness. Can we please stop with the gun related posts.
    This one is little more than taping a gun to a car. A hack? at a stretch, possibly. Too far? yes.

    1. Or you could do the sensible thing and not click on stories that don’t interest you, let alone post comments on stories you don’t want to post comments on…

      Another pro-tip, if you stab yourself with something sharp and it hurts, you may just want to stop doing that too.

      1. must be all the blood loss from the constant stabbing making me cranky.
        Seeing the post is unavoidable, it has a giant picture and a massive headline. What has been seen cannot be unseen.
        And who said I didn’t want to comment?

        1. So keep scrolling. It’s not like the picture has blown-open heads or granny porn or something that’s actually traumatizing. It’s an obviously fake gun taped to a car. I get that some people don’t like or are scared of guns, and some people think guns should be banned, etc, but part of being a grownup in the modern world is accepting that not everyone agrees with you, *and that’s ok*. Lots of people are just as offended by folks who talk about guns as something if not inherently evil then at least impolite to talk about as you evidently are by being visually reminded that they exist.

          You can disagree with people, and you don’t even have to be civil (lord knows I’m not) but there’s a difference between saying “this is a dumb post” and “this should not be allowed on the site.”

  7. Friendly reminder to folks in the USA that the federal government frowns upon civilians constructing electronic systems for remotely controlling firearms, even if they’re hooked up to fake firearms.

  8. really HAD?

    you mean TOY gun
    or its a joke

    why do i say such harsh words?
    the kickback would OBLITERATE half the car!!!

    and send the gun flying several meters (or more?) at high-speed!

    ever fired a real gun?
    hint: it can break the arm of the person holding it
    if not held properly, depending on gun…

    please correct headline
    stop with the yahoo nonsense and
    give us titles that are NOT tabloid style
    and just tell us what it is.

    we are interested in circuits.
    and maybe circuit-porn

    if we need directions on how to kill lots of people
    without being caught, we’d read the anarchists
    cookbook or maybe yahoo news.

    but not here, please

  9. You plainly know nothing about guns. A heave beretta 9mm won’t fly meters away nore will it “break an arm” at all… ever. There is not a single hand gun out there that will break your arm from simple recoil force. You may suffer slide bite or sore hands but a broken arm? Seriously, have YOUever shot a gun??

  10. in the .txt they mention a light weight plastic glock.
    compare the pictures to a beretta 92. it’s fake (BB), and the tape/tie/sticky stuff prevents serious business anyway…

  11. Thats the great idea to use gun with the RC car.. If the car blast or accident it would not damage any one instead of the car itself but one thing more it can be dangerous for someone because of the gun shot..

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