Hackaday Links: Sunday, June 23rd, 2013


Need to connect a male pinheader to male jumper wires? [Scoops] came up with a brilliant method using jumpers meant for dual-pin headers like on motherboards.

Atanua, a real-time logic simulator, was just upgraded for the first time in a few years. We’ve liked this one since way back. The changes mostly involve performance improvements.

You can see what’s inside of Google Glass without shelling out $1500 for your own hardware. [Thanks Itay]

Coding a Minecraft clone in x86 assembly is pretty impressive. We had to install nasm and qemu to get it to compile but it does work. If you don’t want to build the project just check out the demo video. There’s no sign of creepers but dig too deep and you’ll fall out of the world. [Thanks Dmitry]

Here’s a way to use multiple Google Drive accounts as a RAID array.

[Sick Sad] produced some really trippy photographs using long exposures with a laser line on a servo. The result is a photorealistic image of the subject (faces in this example) that looks like it was melted à la [Salvador Dalí]. If you’re just interested in using the laser for light painting check out Hackaday alum [Jeremy Cook’s] work in that area.

And finally, two monitors are better than one. [Bryan] put his both together in portrait orientation using a laser-cut mounting bracket of his own design.

14 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

    1. Yep the jumper trick is genius, definitely filing that away in the memory banks :)

      When I’ve connected things like servos to breadboard setups I used to use jumper wires but found if I solder some pin header onto some pin header I end up with really long pin headers which are ideal for connecting sockets to breadboards easily.

  1. On the subject of single-eye HMD’s, why are they almost always designed for the right eye?

    Do the creators simply pick the right side because it feels ‘right’ or have they actually looked into studies differentiating the left and right side of the brain before picking which eye gets the screen?

    1. i assume it’s due in part to the prevalence of right-handed people in the world, which would be partly for the UI buttons.

      can you imagine all the right handed people complaining about having to tap the temple buttons with their left hand? lol

      1. I’m right-handed. Not only would I prefer to activate the buttons (wait… buttons?!) with my left hand, so I can continue to work with my right, I’m also left-eye-dominant, which means the image would be worse for me. I hope Google has enough foresight (bit of a pun, there) to make the consumer version “ambiocular”.

    2. Right Eye Dominant is almost as common as right hand dominant. Right Eye Dominant people are 2/3rds the population, while 1/3rd are left eye dominant. I’m assuming that’s why.

  2. You might change ‘Here’s a way to use multiple Google Drive accounts as a RAID array.’ because that’s grossly inaccurate (to put it mildly). The article is how to run multiple instances of google drive.

    1. From the article:
      “According to Google Support, once must use application preferences and sign out from the first Google account before using another. But that’s not a solution if you want to sync more than one account and use them in parallel.”

      “Fret not, like always, we’ve got your back. Here’s a method to get it done and run multiple Google Drive instances on the same machine.”

      As for the term RAID, it means “Redundant Array of Independent Disks” so in a way you can use the term if you were to use google drives like that.. but it’s not a quite ‘fair’ use in this instance and stretching the meaning a bit far I agree.

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