Galaxy Note 2 Gets Three And A Half Months Of Standby Time


In the quest for the ultimate Android device, [白い熊] on the XDA developers forum created an awe-inspiring monstrosity that gives his Galaxy Note II 288 Gigs of storage and enough battery to theoretically last three and a half months.

First, the storage: the phone can now store movies, videos, apps, and music on an incredibly capacious 256 Gig SD card. Yes, this card currently sells for about $500, but having that much storage space effectively turns the Note into a portable hard drive running Android.

The battery comes direct from an eBay listing that advertises 8500 mAh inside a huge Li-ion battery. It’s extremely doubtful this battery will live up to the stated rating, but even if the new battery has twice the capacity as the stock battery [白い熊] is looking at about 10 weeks of standby time.

Yes, it’s just parts bought online and thrown together, but you really have to admire the sheer ostentatiousness of this phone.

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  1. Well, 3-1/2 month on the extended battery sounds nice in theory but I would not trust an eBay-bought battery pack until I saw it in action. Their construction is usually un-be-lie-va-bly shoddy, with cells just falling apart in the pack, temp controller falling off (or thermocouple in a random spot in the pack), some cells not-working right off the bat etc. I don’t know about this particular source but every extended laptop battery I got from eBay was either bad or failed in a matter of couple of months and was never really any better in terms of capacity than the stock battery. Maybe just my bad luck …

  2. I don’t even care about the memory nearly as much as I covet that battery. I don’t understand why manufacturers have to put in batteries that don’t even last a day under typical smartphone usage.

    1. That’s why I never buy a smartphone without a replaceable battery. There are lots of good extended battery manufacturers out there like Mugen and Seidio. Just make sure you can find an appropriate case to go with it. If you have trouble finding a holster that fits the new battery, the plastic clip-on ones can be made pliable enough to mold into shape with a heat gun set around 200c.

    2. I moved from an iPhone to a cheap £15 Samsung dumb phone because I could no longer be bothered charging it every night. After a week of regular use, I’ve only lost one chunk of battery and it makes phone calls, sends text messages. Everything required of it.

      Larger batteries as an option on smartphones would be wonderful – we’ve managed for years with brick sized phones, so why the sudden rush to super thin?

      1. [blockquote] why the sudden rush to super thin?[/blockquote]
        Here is what my kids say about it: It’s absolutely uncool to have your phone clipped to your belt (which is uncool to have in the first place) and the stupid thing absolutely HAS TO stay in one’s pocket. Since the pants are so loose and are having a hard time clinging onto [whatever it is they can still grab on their way down] , it is absolutely necessary that the phone is as light as it can possibly be. You cannot have its outline smaller (again, uncool to have a small screen phone) so the only dimension you have to shave off weight and ease the immensely uncomfortable phone carrying fashions is the thickness.

        1. As far back as Walkmans the industry would come up with a lower consumption design then whack off just as much battery (AA to AAA) and keep the runtime the same. Cost to operate for half the power of course remained the same. Then some aftermarket double D size external pack was offered. Sony even made one themselves. Us hippies were the last to say f Fascists of fashion. Since the 80’s it’s all suckers of holeywoods wood. When it’s cool to know the difference again… I am waiting. Suckers in baggy 3/4 length “shorts”= culottes. If we could only channel that power to some good.

        2. Wow. While I like that there is a drive to improve technology, reducing function on behalf of fashion is mind-numbingly stupid. I’d rather have the idiots losing their pants. Or Samsung could come out with a special “moronic edition” for all those fashionistas. It would do nothing but glow for 10 minutes before the battery died, but it would look like a phone, as that’s all that matters to them.

          1. People make products to sell. People buy fashion. Because they are stupid apes and do not deserve the wonderful things that their superiors make for them. See those Dr Dre headphones. This is why very few electronic designers are as rich and famous as fashion designers. I bet it was a mail-order PhD anyway.

      2. If long battery life what you want, you can get that with an Android phone. Turn off Wi-Fi, turn off Mobile Data, (optional and YMMV: turn off Sync, stay in 2G). I can get 10 days standby. Phone calls still come in just fine.

        1. Yes, forcing 2G doubles battery time. I use it all the time when i’m on sea or any place where it’s hard to use charger. Facebook updates still work fine with just 2G :)

    3. What do people typically do with their phones that it doesn’t last a whole day? Unless you watch YouTube on your phone, or do something that there are dedicated devices for like as an mp3 player, it should last you at least all day.

      1. Well, everything you do with a desktop:
        1) games
        2) browsing internet
        3) messaging (text, random messengers, etc)
        4) media (music, YT / videos)

        Most people buy i thingies for games (I’m sure others do too). Our office being run by a bunch of i fans forced everyone to buy one. In a place of business, their training included downloading Tetris of all things (because, you know, tetris has a lot to do with finances).

        I remember reading that 70%+ of all smartphone users use it on the crapper. So remember this next time you ask to borrow someone’s phone.

  3. He could have used a Zero lemon 9300mHa battery, it’s expansive (but if you have money to spare on a 256gb SD) but at least you know it’s not going to explod in your pocket (and it will not lose half of it’s power in a week).

  4. This is such an ugly hack! The case has cracks all over and allowing all the dust and moisture going in. Along with an aftermarket battery. It has trouble written all over it!

  5. The Note2 is pretty much one of the greatest phones I have ever owned. It allowed me to kick my iPad2 to the curb, and I can’t even look at a miniscule iPhone screen anymore. Only complaint is screen brightness in direct daylight, but even my iPad2 and 3GS had problems there. Battery life is phenomenal, and I purchased 2 ANKER 3100mAh batteries with a crappy charger (didn’t use) from Amazon for $18 and they last as long if not longer than the Samsung unit. I permanently run on one of them, haven’t even opened the second one, and am storing the stock unit. I get about 2 days out of the battery running everything as a normal person with a job (no netflix). So Bravo! for this post, it is at least an epic proof of concept. I am more than happy with my 64GB card, but I can dream based on this posting.

    1. I have a samsung i-897, I got the ebay Anker batteries with wall charger, I no longer plug in my phone, the batteries and charger are going on 2 years running strong and I just swap out batteries every night. When I travel, I take an extra battery with me.

  6. There’s one problem in a larger battery, that I’ve experienced first-hand because I actually did that on a dumbphone back in the day. I put a 1500 mAh battery instead of a 900 mAh battery in, and the phone eventually burned because the internal resistance of the battery was lower than designed for. It lasted for a year or so, and when I opened the phone up, there were little scorch marks and blown transistors.

    I suspected that it gave the vibrator alert more current than designed – the alert was certainly stronger – or the charging circuit got fried because the battery drew more power than designed for.

    1. A replacement, CNC milled, Aluminium back plate. With enough space for the newer battery to replace the old one.
      iPhone version: allows customers to replace the battery, AND access the SIM card without need of some bizarre tool that gets lost 30 seconds after you buy the phone.

  7. That’s not ugly, it’s hardware and hardware is never ugly, sexy, sleek or any other bs marketing term. Function over form is what matters and this hack hit is square on the head. Nice job.

  8. I dont do much heavy useage of my Note 2… few calls thought the day, maybe 20 texts, check a few websites. I can easily get 3 days of that usage on the stock 3200mah battery… the potential 6 days is amazing, but unless you run it hard… it is kinda overkill. The 3200mah is already a beast for a superphone.

    Also, that back… yuck. I run my note 2 pretty much naked other than a custom painted battery cover.

  9. I did the exactly same thing with my galaxy s ii 1 year ago. put a sd to micro sd adapter and added a 64gb sd card, no way I would spend 500$… my samsung 840 pro 500gb costed 300$…
    I also added a sim card with NFC and an extended battery as well as an inductive charging system.

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