Android Hack Adds Missing Chromecast Button To Netflix App

We finally got our hands on a Chromecast over the weekend and we love it! But it wasn’t without a bit of a speed bump. Including a quick initial setup, we had a YouTube video playing in our living room about three minutes after the package hit our mailbox. But we spent the next twenty minutes feeling like a moron because we couldn’t get the Netflix app on an Android phone to cast the video. Turns out there is a bug in the Netflix app that doesn’t add the Chromecast icon for all devices.

The issue is that the newest version of the Netflix app isn’t pushed to all devices. A fix is on the way, but we’re not good at waiting. We used this technique to trick Netflix into thinking we have different hardware. Notice from the screenshots above that one lists our device as an LG-P769 manufactured by LGE. That’s how our /system/build.prop file originally looked. By using the BuildProp Editor app we changed those settings to Nexus S by samsung. After rebooting several of our apps were missing from the app drawer, including Netflix. But they all still worked hitting the Play Store for reinstallation and we now have no problem casting Netflix.

7 thoughts on “Android Hack Adds Missing Chromecast Button To Netflix App

  1. I had a terrible time setting up my Chromecast this weekend. First, the address on the setup screen was incomplete and Windows xp is a bitch. I had to set up my Nook color with an Android sd card just to get the Chromecast to show up on my network. I finally got it to work and I was able to watch Netflix but it was an unpleasant task. Looks like maybe someone wants WSindows gone? I don’t have Windows 7 and xp is all I have ever used. Dongle finally worked and the video was of decent quality.

  2. I got mine on Friday and setup was a breeze. I downloaded the Chromecast app for the play store and my Galaxy S2 immediately found it. Youtube worked right out of the box, but I had to update Netflix to get the cast button. I was able to stream showtime from our laptop through Chrome. I originally tried streaming from an old XP laptop, but I think the computer was just too slow to handle. When I tried from our Win7 laptop I was able to stream on highest quality with no problems.

    1. I dont think you can cast from chrome on the phone. You have to have the extension added to your Desktop chrome to do it. Netflix works great, and so does google play video. Amazon instant video better hurry up and at least create an Android app or I will be discontinuing prime soon! I love the chromecast! For those with issues setting up your chromecast. Dont even use your PC just put the chromecast app on your phone and follow the instructions. You might get an error saying it cant communicate but thats only because the app switches your wifi back and forth and the chromecast takes a few seconds to connect to your home wifi. Hurry up amazon we want to pay you money but youre making it kinda hard to do that when you dont have an android video app!!!

      Sign the petition for Amazon video also

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