Trinket Contest Update #6


The Trinket Contest has drawn to a close, but we’re still going to show off the entries that were received by the deadline. The contest asked you slap the Hackaday logo onto something for a chance at winning one of 20 Trinket dev boards donated by Adafruit. See a dozen of them shown off after the break.

trinket-lasertagging[Christopher] used laser tagging to plaster the logo on an unsuspecting (and closed for the evening) Michael’s store.

trinket-DNAorigamiHADA different [Christopher] made theoretical DNA origami of the logo. Apparently this digital design could be ordered and viewed under a microscope — both of which he didn’t have time nor money to do.

trinket-pearler-beadsThis crafty submission comes from [Andres] who used Perler Beads.

trinket-cnc-jelloThis is the first edible entry. [Dan] uses a CNC machine to cut out this Jello. There’s also a grilled cheese version.

trinket-twenty-sided-dice[Chris] represents the logo with his many-sided dice.

trinket-sticky-notes[Nigel’s] entry is a lot of sticky notes on an otherwise boring wall.

trinket-laser-etched-pumpkin-seedAlso food themed and festive is this laser-etched pumpkin seed which [John] made at the Xerocraft hackerspace.

trinket-3d-illuminatedThis 3D illuminated skull and bones comes from [Branden]

trinket-on-side-of-school[Aaron] projected his entry on the side of a school.

trinket-echange-rate-sign[Laurens] tells us this is an exchange rate sign from a bank. It was broken and he fixed it up replacing the old driver with an Arduino.

trinket-rpi-ascii-art[Saudin’s] entry is a little ASCII art generated using a script on his Raspberry Pi.

trinket-nfc-tag[Callum] shows off the logo as part of his NFC tag ownership webpage.

3 thoughts on “Trinket Contest Update #6

  1. Damned, I was working on a laser projector to portrait the logo on a building… But I didn’t finish it because I wouldn’t make the deadline. :(

    A very nice project, well done [Christopher].

    (If that laserprojector wins, I will never visit HaD again. I wouldn’t be able to handle it.)

  2. Hello; I Sent you an entry two days ago but I have not seen it in the post. I would understand if it was not interesting but could you please confirm me that you receive it in time. Thank you!

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