Gatling Gun Styled Water Pistol Made Out Of… Sugru?

sugru water pistol

We admit it – we’re suckers for clever advertising of a product. The company behind Sugru, everyone’s favorite self-setting-rubber-fix-it material commissioned this awesome gatling gun styled water pistol, and it’s actually quite impressive.

Designed by [Alex Bygrave], he was instructed to build the gun out of as many standard hardware store parts as possible — and as much Sugru as he could. It’s been used to make all the seals, connections, and even the pistons, and while we can’t tell if it leaks anywhere, it’s still pretty impressive.

Unlike a normal water pistol, this one is powered by compressed CO2 canisters like the ones used for welding — meaning the pressures are much higher than a typical super soaker as well!

19Stick around after the break to see it in action – tested on the staff of Sugru themselves!

We’re not too sure if the home-made version of Sugru, called Oogoo, would be able to stand up to the same kind of torture the Sugru sees in this project. Speaking of which, can you actually buy Sugru locally yet?

[via Make]

31 thoughts on “Gatling Gun Styled Water Pistol Made Out Of… Sugru?

  1. How about “assembled with” not “made with”. Sugru appears to only be a small part of the gun. When I see one that is 80-90% Sugru, then I will agree with “made with”.

        1. Well if you really wanted to, you probably could. Make a model for the pipes and put sugru all over them. That wouldn’t be cheap, fast or stylish.

          But i got to agree, thanks to hackaday i know now that sugru exists. so yeaah good marketing.

  2. When I first saw this mentioned by Make Magazine, I figured it was an ad of some sort, without bothering to follow up.

    I finally follow up on it when mentioned here, and yes, it was an ad.

  3. What a crappy advertisement. Sugru is pretty neat stuff, sad to see they didn’t make a advertisement that was clever or amusing or even hack worthy. Never fails, when the CEO/Owner/Founder/Etc sticks their ugly mug (and their ego) into a marketing project – it’s guaranteed to suck.

  4. Put the video full screen and pause it on each shot of the gun. Look for the sugru. Most of it is actually not doing anything. They put a dob of it on the end of the on/off toggle switch. I’ve never had a problem with sugru-less toggle switches before. They wrapped a coiled up sugru snake around the wires – about the worst cable-tie alternative there is. They put loads of it around the bit where the centre shaft goes through the hole in the aluminium plate, but why? there is nothing there to seal. They have a great big black lump of it on the end of a motor or something. Do motors only work with mounds of rubber stuck to the end of them? There are brass tubes with sugru around the middle of them. There are little bits of sugru on the openings in the plate that the clear tubes slot into. If you removed all of this sugru then nothing would happen. The gun would be exactly the same.

    This is a clever gun that somebody stuck sugru all over for no apparent reason. How much world it have cost to buy all of that sugru?

    The answer to the question of would oogoo work is yes. Spit and toilet paper would work just as well. Playdoh, bluetack, colourful poo, toothpaste, you name it!

    1. They didn’t expect you to look that closely. ;) Piston seal I thought might be worthwile, but the stuff would adhere to the bore if fitted that way. You’re right. Kinda stupid. That stuff is overpriced btw.

  5. “SupplyFrame, Inc. provides advertising, sales, and marketing solutions for the electronics industry to reach and influence online decision makers from top to bottom of the electronics sales funnel. It offers media solutions, such as product launch programs for manufacturers, co-op partners, and their agencies to extend the scope of their product launches to a community of professional electronics designers”

    Just remember who runs HaD now…

        1. Except he’s not making a point. He’s saying That Supplyframe does advertising and sales and B2B stuff for the electronics industry. ThisGuy isn’t even saying “this is totally a sponsored post”. He’s just saying that Hackaday’s owners do something with ads.

          There’s actually no fallacious reasoning here because there is no reasoning, but we can just go through what ThisGuy is implying (this is a sponsored post, because of SupplyFrame somehow).

          One. Hackaday, by it’s very nature, is supported by ads. This would be the case if Hackaday was owned by SupplyFrame, completely independant, or in some alternate universe where I’ve killed myself, a media conglomerate. The fact that supplyframe owns Hackaday does not mean posts are more likely to be sponsored.

          Two. This was posted on Make. If you presume that Sugru paid for a post on Hackaday, you must also then presume they paid for a post on Make. and BoingBoing. And Cnet. And the Daily Fail. And Tested. And Gizmodo. I could go on, but I think my point is made: no company in the world, especially one that only sells play doh that can dry out, has the budget for that. Also embedded in this argument is the fact that every single media outlet can be bought for a fairly reasonable price, which brings me to my next point:

          Three: You have absolutely no comprehension of how hard Hackaday could sell out, and how hard we work to keep Hackday from selling out. I know for a fact that with a few emails, I can get a function generator that costs more than my car delivered to my doorstep, just with the promise of a review. The most expensive piece of test equipment I own is the $300 Rigol scope, paid out of my own pocket. For anyone to suggest that Hackaday has sold out is infuriating and frustrating.

          Four: For anyone saying this post isn’t up to ‘normal Hackaday quality’, I might concede that point. However, This was posted at 9pm EDT in the middle of a 3-day weekend in the States. We do try to schedule the ‘better’ stuff for hours when people are actually on the Internet, though, so if you take the quality of a post as a function of when it was published, I think it’s right on the mark. And either way, we published something on software defined GSM stations and AVR bootloader hacks the same day. Any statement concerning the quality of posts overall wouldn’t stand up to much scrutiny.

          TL;DR: quit your bitchin

          1. Agreed, keep up the good work. Not every post is going to be stellar, or resonate with every reader, but the quality of posts is good, and it’s a much higher ratio than many popular sites around nowadays.

          2. I definitely feel that the quality of Hackaday has improved massively since the new owners took over. I always enjoyed it before, but usually intermittently. Now I see interesting projects every day and… you’re giving away a sub-orbital trip to space!

  6. No need for hyper defensiveness here, of course I’m not implying this is all some “crazy conspiracy,” and it rather annoys me that it’s OK to throw away any criticism by acting as if the other guy is some conspiracy nut.

    I’m also not targeting the writer’s post quality/writing, I don’t really care how long it took you to write it and when you did it under whatever influences. Neither am I in the “lol arduino does not constitute a hack” crowd.

    It’s only natural for the community built upon the idea of questioning and discovering how the universe works to ask why the Sugru product was even needed to make the device in the ad. From what it looks like you could remove all the Sugru and the thing would still work just as intended, So then the question becomes what is this Sugru thing do?

    The obvious answer is that this is marketing. I’m not saying HaD sold out, or dragging anyone through the elitist mud, just pointing out that noone should be surprised at the content of articles here.

    Ranting at me and lumping me in with people or comments I obviously didn’t associate with seems a bit unreasonable. Gizmodo should never be used as a reasonable example for anything other than the unreasonable btw.

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