The Future Of Distraction, Right In Front Of Your Face


Say you’re meeting someone new, and instead of communicating like a normal person that wasn’t born in a barn, they play with their phone the entire time. How about a cashier or sales person who is so insufferably distracted with the Facebooks you’d guess they had a side job in the QA department of some developer? All these things will soon be a distant, horrible memory, because now you can play Flappy Bird on Google Glass.

[Rich] has had his Glass for a while now, and has been meaning to write an app for it. It took a little bit of inspiration, but when the idea of using the eye sensor to control everyone’s favorite 8-bit bird, everything fell into place. It ended up being an interesting use for the Glass, and something we actually wouldn’t mind trying out.

The bird is controlled by a double blink. In the video below, you can see there might be a little bit of latency depending on how [Rich] put the video together. Better grab that .APK while there’s still time. [Rich] says it’s a free download for anyone who’s already overpaid for a Google Glass.

8 thoughts on “The Future Of Distraction, Right In Front Of Your Face

  1. Rich here –

    The video is synced pretty well – there definitely is some latency between double-blinking and flapping (due to the data from the sensor). I’d guess about 200ms. Also looks like new eye gesture events are locked out for 500ms after each detection – so just rapidly blinking won’t result in reliably timed flaps.

    I tweaked game dynamics a fair amount to help keep things playable.

  2. What’s with the snarky ‘overpaid for google glass’ comment? Google created something and put a price tag on it. If someone didn’t think it was worth the price, they should not have made the purchase. If someone thought it was worth the price, then they didn’t over pay.

    1. That’s what I came here to mention. It just felt really awkward to suddenly attack the product like that. If you think it costs too much, either A) Don’t buy it, or B) Develop something cheaper. Google’s the only player in this market right now and to be honest, even the price tag they’ve got on it isn’t terrible considering the amount of technology they’ve managed to include in the device.

  3. Can’t wait till I can play flappy bird on my to work in morning while driving down the parkway…….

    But on serious note..wouldn’t this type of game lead to serious eye (lid?) strain ?

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