Interactive Sound With Glove And Tape

Here’s a way to explore new spaces in untraditional manners: a sonophore, or a glove equipped with a tape heads meant to explore spaces with magnetic tape tracing the walls.

This project is a followup to the analogue tape glove from a few years ago. In that project, aligned strips of magnetic tape cover a canvas, leaving anyone wearing the glove to track their hand horizontally swiping across different tracts, or vertically listening to each track.

This project takes a glove similar to the analogue tape glove, but the tape is spread out along the walls of the installation. There’s no way of knowing what strange voices are contained on the tapes; the only way to know is to explore the space.

Video of the project below. It’s a Vimeo, so you know it’s artistic.

14 thoughts on “Interactive Sound With Glove And Tape

    1. If you’ve never tried manually pulling a tape through a player, I’ll tell you – near impossible :P
      Without the capstan mechanism the pitch is just too unstable (we humans are terrible at slow and steady motion), unlike a turntable where the plate has a fair bit of mass, making it very easy.

  1. so as long as we are being needlessly artistic and useless, why not put a vinyl strip on the wall and put grooves in it? have people walk around with special globes with needles for readings?

  2. How about have the tape move across the wall by a pulley and take up reel? It would either be endless loop or automatic rewind and play at end of tape. The tape would move at a set rate eliminating the wow and flutter of just the glove moving. You could put your gloved finger at any point on the tape (not touching it or put tape under some lexan plastic) and listen to the tape without too much distortion. A two-track stereo tape would really be interesting if two different audio sources was recorded.

  3. Imagine if you set it up so people could not only read from the tape, but write to it as well. It would be basically impossible to keep steady to even write to it in such a way that it could be read from, but still.

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