Trinket EDC Contest – The Deadline Approaches

We’ve got just under 2 days left in the Trinket Everyday Carry Contest. With 79 entries, and t-shirts going to the top 50 entrants, you’ve got pretty darn good odds of getting a shirt out of all of this! The design is great too, [Joe Kim] really did a great job with it!



The idea is simple: Build small, pocketable projects which are useful everyday.

We explained everything in our announcement post, and the full rules are available on the contest page. But just as a reminder, the main requirements are

  • The project Must use a Pro Trinket, or a board based on the open source Pro Trinket design.
  • The project must have at least 3 project logs
  • The project must have at least one video
  • The project must include enough documentation to allow an average hobbyist to replicate the project

There are already some awesome entries vying for the top prize, but who knows – someone may come out of nowhere and walk away with a sweet Rigol ds1054z oscilloscope!


The contest deadline is January 3rd, at 12:00 am PDT. The clock is ticking, so stop waiting, and go build something awesome! Good luck to everyone who enters!

2 thoughts on “Trinket EDC Contest – The Deadline Approaches

  1. I have enjoyed this competition – the fact that we are constrained to a trinket pro makes the playing field nice and even and gets people thinking how to deal with the constraints of having their entry portable and EDCable. I just wish I had had time to do it justice – at the moment I have neither a trinket or the time+parts to make my project by the deadline. However, I’m sufficiently jazzed about the idea that it’ll stay an ongoing project as time goes on. Thanks for that motivation HAD, and I hope the scope goes to someone who will do awesome things with it :D

    1. Unfortunately haven’t put in an entry despite wanting to.

      Main reason was that I started using the ‘pro reference design, (the excess width of a full board with header holes was killing the project) but then that seemed to fall off the rules page and the project got abandoned. Obviously my interpretation was wrong. Pity.

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