The Ultimate Tool Cart

Ultimate Tool Cart

[Burning Becks] set out on a quest to build the ultimate tool cart for himself, and we have to admit, what he’s come up with is pretty damn cool. Not only is the cart super organized and functional, it has an integrated fingerprint scanner to unlock one door, a keypad to unlock another drawer, an RFid tag to unlock another… and an RF remote too. Excessive? Perhaps. But hey, what if you accidentally burn off all your finger prints while building a hotplate SMD reflow oven? It’s possible!

To build the ultimate tool cart, [Becks] had to do some research. Specifically research right here at Hackaday, since we love covering unique work benches and tool boxes. He’s taken a few ideas from some of our favorite work space hacks like the computer tower toolbox, a cyclist’s bicycle workshop (yes it’s actually mounted on the bicycle!), a travelling electronics lab, and of course the mobile soldering workstation that sets up quickly and lets you get to work fast.

Most of the build log is in German but Google translate does a pretty good job getting the point across. There are lots of pictures of the build process, and even a few videos. Unfortunately we can’t embed them, so you’ll have to click some links instead.

First up we have a demonstration of the fingerprint scanner, then a video showing the keypad in action, the RF remote, and a closeup on the latching mechanism for the RFid badge scanner.

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    1. You are saying that Google can nothing translate german decent? That say words in strange places put some weird looks in English? I can not really imagine that, but it will be so then.

  1. My ideal of beauty is called Nifelheim, not Skid Row or Cinderella. And I don’t think the world looked that pretty in the 1930s either. ;-)
    Manual translation added – but I will not start creating accounts for image or video hosting.

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