DIY IPhone Mount For A Volvo

Volvo Phone Holder

[Seandavid010] recently purchased a 2004 Volvo. He really liked the car except for the fact that it was missing some more modern features. He didn’t come stock with any navigation system or Bluetooth capabilities. After adding Bluetooth functionality to the stock stereo himself, he realized he would need a secure location to place his iPhone. This would allow him to control the stereo or use the navigation functions with ease. He ended up building a custom iPhone mount in just a single afternoon.

The key to this project is that the Volvo has an empty pocket on the left side of the stereo. It’s an oddly shaped vertical pocket that doesn’t seem to have any real use. [Seandavid010] decided this would be the perfect place to mount his phone. The only problem was that he didn’t want to make any permanent changes to his car. This meant no drilling into the dash and no gluing.

[Seandavid010] started by lining the pocket with blue masking tape. He then added an additional lining of plastic wrap. All of this was to protect the dashboard from what was to come next. He filled about half of the pocket with epoxy putty. We’ve seen this stuff used before in a similar project. He left a small opening in the middle with a thick washer mounted perpendicular to the ground. The washer would provide a place for an off-the-shelf iPhone holder to mount onto. [Seandavid010] also placed a flat, wooden paint stirrer underneath the putty. This created a pocket that would allow him to route cables and adapters underneath this new mount.

After letting the epoxy putty cure for an hour, he removed the block from the pocket. The stick was then removed, and any gaps were filled in with putty. The whole block was trimmed and smooth down for a more streamlined look. Finally, it was painted over with some flat black spray paint to match the color of the dashboard. An aftermarket iPhone holder allows [Seandavid010] to mount his cell phone to this new bracket. The cell phone holder allows him to rotate the phone into portrait or landscape mode, and even is adjustable to accommodate different sized phones.

19 thoughts on “DIY IPhone Mount For A Volvo

  1. Necessity is the mother of invention. I use the ash trade is my early 1980s Toyota for much the same purpose. Instead of that clamp holder, I use a flexible rubber smartphone case intended for a larger phone than mine. It is tied to the ash tray with cords.

    Before the ash tray, I tried mounting the case to my steering wheel. Not good. Turned the wheel sent apps shifting from portrait to landscape mode.

    1. That is the mike for the (mentioned in the article) blue tooth add-on to the car hifi. Looks like a Parrot mike. I did the same “add-on” to my wife’s Volvo, but placed the mike beneath the ceiling, so it wouldn’t get ripped off from some stuff she loves to drop in the console …

  2. A good approach if using a rental or leased car.
    There is an micron thick line between texting and doing anything else with a smart phone while driving.
    Blur-tooth is a better name. Weather it’s phone talk mode or “hifi” listening, it’s just part of supposed to be there.
    Give me wire every time till a transparent standard can be used.

  3. My ’02 Hyundai Elantra GT had an equally mysterious slot on the right side of the dash, under the passenger side A/C vent. It was too far for the driver (me) to reach, so I asked at the service department. They claimed it was to hold a pack of cigarettes. Perhaps this slot was intended for the same purpose.

  4. “The only problem was that he didn’t want to make any permanent changes to his car. This meant no drilling into the dash and no gluing.”

    Yes, you certainly wouldn’t want to “damage” a valuable classic like a 2004 volvo.

    1. You may be forgetting that some people attach intangible value to their cars. I’m assuming you’re the kind of guy who leases for 2 years and gets the newest beamer you can afford. You sound like a bmw owner

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