Heated Slippers Keep Your Feet Warm, Also Your House As It Burns To The Ground.

open flame heated slippers

Winter may be coming to a close but that doesn’t mean that feet are free from being cold. Sure, socks or slippers may help a little, or you can even turn up the heat in your home but none of those options are as fun or as dangerous as [Colin Furze’s] solution. He has come up with some crazy DIY heated slippers.

Sure, there’s battery powered heated slippers or even ones you can microwave to heat up but those are wicked boring. These puppies are actually gas powered and more resemble a small portable camping stove than any sort of footwear. Under each slipper is a custom-made burning chamber inside which is a small burner. Each slipper is supplied a constant flow of fuel from its own on-board gas can. Warming your feet couldn’t be easier, just turn on the gas and light the burner with a match.

It goes without saying but we should reiterate… Don’t try this at home! What you can try is watching the video of these slippers after the break.

[Colin Furze] is not new to having his projects on Hackaday. For more of his flame-based projects, check out his Pyro Gloves. And of course, who could forget these amazing retractable Wolverine Claws.

[via damngeeky.com]

20 thoughts on “Heated Slippers Keep Your Feet Warm, Also Your House As It Burns To The Ground.

    1. This guy really is quite awesome. One of those people who given unlimited resources could do just about anything.
      I would love to meet him. Either way I strongly suspect it would end somewhat spectacularly.

  1. It needs a chamber between the burner and the slipper to slip a cheese sandwich in, sure warm feet are nice but warm feet and a grilled cheese sandwich now that’s awesome!

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