Meetup In Boston This Thursday

Hackaday is headed to Boston this week. Meet up with us on Thursday at 6pm to show off your projects and meet other hackers in the area. Admission is free, just tell us you’re coming.

We’re hosting a Hackaday meetup at Artisan’s Asylum hackerspace. That name should sound familiar. This is the group that decided to throw down the robot gauntlet with Japan. We can’t wait to see what that’s all about first hand!

While in town we’ll also be stopping by the MIT Media Lab, a legendary den of cutting edge research that springs forth wave after wave of awesome inspiration. If you know of any projects going on there that we just shouldn’t miss please let us know below. We’re also looking for suggestions of other places we should check out while in town.

See you Thursday!

22 thoughts on “Meetup In Boston This Thursday

  1. So, it’s not quite up the hackaday alley but it’s (imao) really fuckin cool, so I’ll mention it:
    If you’re in Boston and have the time, the coolest least-known thing there is a stained glass globe the size of a big atrium you walk through the middle of on a bridge. It’s at the Christian Science mother church on Mass Ave between Boylston St and Symphony Hall – if you’re over near MIT it’s a quick trip on the #1 bus. wikipedia link:
    (you can do a tour of the maparium without any prosletyzing from the Christian Science folks.)

    1. It won’t be. MegaBots moved out to California – the better to wade across the ocean and fight Kaiju – and Stompy the Giant Hexapod has outgrown (literally! It’s too big!) the space available at Artisan’s and got it’s own warehouse space.

      That said, there’s *plenty* of cool stuff going on at Artisan’s to warrant a trip down.

  2. If you like climbing, Brooklyn Boulders is a cool space and right next to Artisan’s. There is also Green Town Labs which is an energy efficiency based co-working space right next to Artisan’s that you should check out.

    Ooooh, also there is a brewery (Aeronaut) right next to Artisan’s you should go to (if you like beer). It is a cool space and good beer.

  3. Hey,
    You should visit Ramesh Raskar’s Lab at MIT media lab. The Camera culture group. You should meet Anshuman Das and Rohan Puri. They are doing some great work with India, on low cost health care diagnostic devices and building smart cities.

    Vaibhav Chhabra
    Maker’s Asylum

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