Cake Knife Tessellates Cake

Hexagon Cake Cutting

Rectangles? Squares? Pie slices? Who says dessert has to come in that shape? Why not triangles, circles, or even hexagons? Master of all things woodworking [Matthias Wandel] decided to solve this problem, and delved into a bit of metal working.

Using a strip of 26 gauge stainless steel, [Matthias] threw together some wood clamps in order to bend the metal into funky looking blade. He then put slits into a nice wooden handle and assembled the whole thing with a very slight positive curve, allowing you to roll the knife as you cut your confectionery.

As you can see in the following video, it works pretty well — and always, it’s a pleasure to see this man work.

Just don’t try to cut one of these LED filled cakes! Fun fact of the day, did you know [Matthias] used to work at Blackberry, or rather RIM at the time? He once designed a test jig using LEGO to solve an expensive problem they were having!

17 thoughts on “Cake Knife Tessellates Cake

  1. Looks really good. The only improvement i could see woukd be to make it slightly longer. Then you wouldn’t have to rotate the knife for subsequent cuts, just move it laterally 1 face. This is of course dependant upon the size of your big utensils draw.

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