Porsche-themed Mancave Clock: There Is No Substitute

With an extra Porsche brake rotor lying about and a persistent friend to be silenced, [GordsGarage] decided to fabricate a one-of-a-kind man cave wall clock.

This was not to be a boring old hang-it-flat-on-the-wall design, though. The Porsche rotor is a composite design, with a steel hub and a ceramic disc weighing only a third of what an all-steel rotor weighs. That inspired [GordsGarage] to fabricate a wall bracket to hold the rotor and allow it to spin, showing off both sides. The business side has a brushed aluminum clock face with decals cut with a s vinyl-plotter and designed to look like a Porsche tachometer, while the reverse side has a nice custom badge for his friend’s shop. The build log shares some of the nice touches that went into the clock, like powder coated parts to mimic stock Porsche red brake calipers, and the secret [GordsGarage] logo.

It may not have been a clock for social good, but it’s a great design and a nice build that’s sure to brighten up his friend’s shop. And mancave warming presents are apparently a thing now, so we’ll be sure to keep our finger on the pulse of this social trend.

13 thoughts on “Porsche-themed Mancave Clock: There Is No Substitute

  1. I was in the Porsche dealership recently and they had a table of various overpriced goodies available for purchase. One was a clock, largely similar to the one above but made out of a rim, however the price tag said $2800. Insanity.

    1. My garage is poorly lit, has climate control by mother nature™, features decor composing of cardboard boxes and rusty license plates… oh, and there’s the hopeless amount of spiders that’ve taken up building massive webs all over my drill press and bandsaw to catch the moths that fly around the one bright light fixture I have… and the mice… I think it qualifies pretty well as a cave.

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