All This Bike Needs Is Some Snow!

It’s safe to say that the southern UK is not known for its winter snowfall. If you have lived through a British February then the chances are you’ll know a lot about rain and grey skies.

Happily this hasn’t deterred [Stuart]. Ever the optimist, he’s turned a pile of scrap metal and an unloved mountain bike into a fully functional ski-bike, and he’s just ready to go should the jet stream deliver a covering of the white stuff on the Thames Valley.

Using the facilities of rLab – Reading Makerspsce (he’s also a founder member of the up-and-coming Newbury and District Hackspace), [Stuart] didn’t just bodge together his “iCycle”. Instead he’s made it a really high quality build, with CNC’d aluminium fork stanchions to mount his skis, and foot pegs that are engineered not to let him down on the slopes. Best of all, the bike is nearly all made from scrap materials, only the bearings, axles and paint were brought in for the project.

Skiing hasn’t been featured very often in our coverage of the world of makers, however we have featured a skiing robot, back in 2009.

12 thoughts on “All This Bike Needs Is Some Snow!

  1. This reminds me of a man who had a surf board bolted to a car roof rack. The closest surf was 7000 km away.

    Maybe I should bolt one of these to my roof rack. I live in the tropics – hell will freeze over before we see snow here.

  2. I brought the bike with me to France and we’ve been learning to ride it the hard way (no instruction!) Lots of bruises but also lots of success. @DV82XL: You don’t need foot skis, you can balance the bike on the pegs in turns at most speeds. We’ve got some video footage and I’ll be putting it up on the NADHack youtube account.

  3. Because the skis can rotate, they need to be longer in the front, just like in the picture from [Tinkerer] above, or thy will crash into the frame on the next bump.

    (which Iearned from my own experiments with an ice-longboard)

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