Pipe In (Robot) Hand

How do you make a robot hand? If you are [Robimek], you start with some plastic spiral tubing, some servo motors, and some fishing line. Oh, and you also need an old glove.

The spiral tubing (or pipe, if you prefer) is cut in a hand-like shape and fused together with adhesive. The knuckle joints are cut out to allow the tubing to flex at that point. The fishing line connects the fingertips to the servo motors.

The project uses an Arduino to drive the servos, although you could do the job with any microcontroller. Winding up the fishing line contracts the associated finger. Reeling it out lets the springy plastic pipe pull back to its original position.The glove covers the pipes and adds a realistic look to the hand.

Granted, this is probably more practical as a display piece than a working hand. We’d like to put it in our next Halloween project. We’ve seen some simple hand builds before, but the glove is a nice touch. For some reason, many of our robot hand projects like to make rude gestures. You can see a video of [Robimek]’s hand working below.

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