3D Printing A Fake Product Leak

A few days ago you might have seen images floating around the net of the next Nintendo console controller, The Nintendo NX. There were so many pictures, it just had to be real!

Wrong. It was just [Frank Sandqvist] messing with everyone on the Internet. While phony product leaks are usually just photoshopped or 3D modeled renders, [Frank] took it a step further and actually designed a whole controller, 3D printed it, and took pictures of it. You might be wondering why he would do this. As a Reddit user points out there could be an excellent motive behind it:

You could also use it to get a job as a prop maker. It would look awesome on a CV that you made a prop that fooled the world — [Critters]

But, according to [Frank] it was really just for fun.

And the follow-up — with links to make your own!

Now maybe [Frank] should use his design powers for good, and help design controllers for gamers with physical disabilities that make consumer controllers difficult to use! It’s called the Controller Project, and its lead by our old editor, the one and only [Caleb Kraft]!

[Thanks for the tip Edward!]

6 thoughts on “3D Printing A Fake Product Leak

  1. What he’s done is exactly the same first stage that many products go through during their design process. Make a basic physical model to see how it looks and feels. Note issues then make another model or models with variations to see which changes work better. The guys who invented the Leatherman and the Super Soaker still have all their concept models and functional, hand built prototypes.

    With the 3D model for this made available, I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone altering it into a functional game controller. Put a big OLED screen in it and a touch digitizer covering most of the face.

    1. It’s worth mentioning that the original ‘look-and-feel’ model of the Palm Pilot was a block of wood which the designer carried around in his pocket for a week, to see if it would be uncomfortable to carry.

    2. Glad you said ‘many’ because there is rather overwhelming evidence that some big companies for some reason often enough go with ‘Testing? Ergonomics? Nah, no need for all that’

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