Making A Networked 32X32 LED Panel Case

[Adam Haile] of [Maniacal Labs] is at it again, whipping up some LED weirdness. This project is smaller than most of his work, though: he has made a nice case that holds a 32X32 LED matrix screen, the controller, and a Raspberry Pi. Check out the build and a brief demo in the video below.

This nice 3D printable design, called the Jumbo1K, would be a good starting point if you are looking to make something with one of these screens, as it provides easy access to all of the ports on the Pi for programming, debugging and networking the device without ruining the look. It does this with a neat trick, using the keystone jacks that you put in your wall when you are rewiring your house.

[Adam] usually works on a larger scale than this, creating displays with thousands of LEDs.

One thought on “Making A Networked 32X32 LED Panel Case

  1. A shame he printed it with a gigantic border around the display. Would be much more useful if they were borderless so they could be stacked for making larger panels, especially if there were provisions to mount/cable them neatly.

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