It’s A Clock! It’s A Puzzle! It’s The GoonieBox!

[Dr.Duino] recently completed the latest piece of what he calls “Interactive Furniture” – the GoonieBox. It took over 800 hours of design and assembly work and the result is fascinating. Part clock and part puzzle box, it’s loaded with symbols, moving parts, lights, riddles, sounds, switches, and locked compartments. It practically begs visitors to take a closer look.

The concept of Interactive Furniture led [Dr.Duino] to want to create a unique piece of decor that visitors could interact with. That alone wasn’t enough — he wanted something that wouldn’t require any explanation of how it worked; something that intrinsically invited attention, inspection, and exploration. This quest led to creating The GoonieBox, named for its twin inspirations of the 1985 film The Goonies as well as puzzles from the game “The Room“.

Embedded below are two short videos: the first demonstrates the functions of the box, and the second covers the build process. There’s laser-cut wood, plenty of 3D printed parts, and a whole lot of careful planning and testing.

Puzzle boxes let people show off their creativity over a wide range of different executions, like these simpler laser-cut puzzle boxes and on the other end of the spectrum is this timed, multi-stage puzzle rigged to blow. Not only is this build one of the more complex ones we’ve seen, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen a puzzle box so carefully designed to also serve as a functional piece of decor. Great work!

5 thoughts on “It’s A Clock! It’s A Puzzle! It’s The GoonieBox!

  1. This is pretty freakin cool- a good puzzle never fails to instantly distract me. Like the puzzle of “What the heck is IIIV” (took me a good 10 minutes to figure out it was just mocked-up backwards). Obviously a good way to get people to dig deeper! lol. Great job!

    1. I agree, I really like that this project had a clear design direction. In this case, it was to make something interactive that didn’t need to be explained. I think that’s probably much trickier than it sounds. Our own projects always seem perfectly transparent to ourselves!

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