For Your Binge-Watching Pleasure: The Clickspring Clock Is Finally Complete

It took as long to make as it takes to gestate a human, but the Clickspring open-frame mechanical clock is finally complete. And the results are spectacular.

If you have even a passing interest in machining, you owe it to yourself to watch the entire 23 episode playlist. The level of craftsmanship that [Chris] displays in every episode, both in terms of the clock build and the production values of his videos is truly something to behold. The clock started as CAD prints glued to brass plates as templates for the scroll saw work that roughed out the frames and gears. Bar stock was turned, parts were threaded and knurled, and gear teeth were cut. Every screw in the clock was custom made and heat-treated to a rich blue that contrasts beautifully with the mirror polish on the brass parts. Each episode has some little tidbit of precision machining that would make the episode worth watching even if you have no interest in clocks. For our money, the best moment comes in episode 10 when the bezel and chapter ring come together with a satisfying click.

We feature a lot of timekeeping projects here, but none can compare to the Clickspring clock. If you’re still not convinced, take a look at some of our earlier coverage, like when we first noticed [Chris]’ channel, or when he fabricated and blued the clock’s hands. We can’t wait for the next Clickspring project, and we know what we’re watching tonight.

26 thoughts on “For Your Binge-Watching Pleasure: The Clickspring Clock Is Finally Complete

  1. I was actually a bit sad to see the final video in the series arrive, as I have been following it almost since the beginning and have seen most of the episodes multiple times.
    I hope he comes up with another project that is equally as captivating. No matter what he comes up with, I’ll be watching every moment of it with rapt attention.

  2. Having had a small conversation with Chris via email, I know he was looking at the Antikythera Mechanism as a potential for a follow-up. I really hope he does that because that thing will be a work of art

  3. One of those few posts where everyone in the comments section actually agreed on the post!!
    Of late it has become a debate section with some users criticizing the quality of the posts.

    Of course, the videos themselves are pure workmanship porn!! Its simply a testament to his work!!
    I am waiting to see what he comes up with next.

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